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Choosing a Search Firm

Why Retained Search

Retained executive search consultants are hired to cast a wider net and approach accomplished candidates who are busy working and not looking. Many candidates are invisible from where employers sit, and will not approach a job opportunity without the safety and confidentiality of third-part representation.

Retained executive search consultants have the advantage of meeting with candidates outside the interviewing arena where they can build trust and rapport in a neutral and protected environment. They have mastered the delicate art of persuading well-paid, well-treated executives to give up good corporate homes for better ones.

Reatined executive search consultants remove a tremendous recruitment burden from management by presenting a limited number of qualified candidates who are usually prepared to accept an offer. They also are skilled at dealing with counter-offers, and managing candidates until they are safely on board with their new position. (Why Retained Search)

Questions You Should Ask (Before Hiring Us or Anyone Else)

Selecting an executive search consultant for your organization is a considerable decision. No formula exists to make the decision obvious. Name on the door, size of organization and automated retrieval systems bear no relation to a firm's ability to effectively represent your interests. The reason is simple - executive search is a personal service where success is based upon the individual search consultant's ability to manage human interaction. (Questions You Should Ask (Before Hiring Us or Anyone Else.))

Maximize Results With Your Executive Search Firm

Bringing a new senior executive or board member into your company implies change, and change, if managed well, creates opportunity. The attention you give to an executive search project, and the interaction you have with the search consultant and candidates, structure your ability to make the search a success. Simply stated, if you work at the search process, the likelihood of attracting the candidate you want increases dramatically. Even the best opportunities don't sell themselves automatically to the better candidates. People make the opportunity real and come alive. (Why Hire Us.)