Delivering Leadership

All Search Firms Are Not Created Equal

Why Hire Us

When you boil everything down there are a number of executive search firms all claiming to do the same. So why should you partner with cSTONE & ASSOCIATES?

We believe there are at least 10 reasons for your consideration:

We understand that once a hiring decision is made you need the talent yesterday. Our time for candidate placement is HALF that of our competitors. We have been in the hiring position and have experienced the frustration of excessively lengthy searches and processes.

We have an exceedingly high retention rates for candidates we have recruited for our clients as a result of our "right fit" process. After 2.5 years, 92% of candidates we have recruited continue to be key contributors. We strive to gain deep insight into your organization, culture, superior and peer leadership styles and what kind of leader will be most effective for you from start of employment through company growth.

Unlike most of the retained search firms in the industry we do not believe in or charge for Indirect Expenses. These expenses have been charged by most of the industry to get you, the client, to pay for the search firm's overhead. At cSTONE & ASSOCIATES we do not believe you should be expected to underwrite our overhead costs. When you do business with us there will never be a charge for indirect expenses - only pre-approved direct expenses incurred by us over the course of a search engagement. Our pricing is straightforward and competitive. We are willing to put a portion of the fee at risk subject to a successful placement. We have access to the best and broadest candidate pools versus "hands off" conflicts with larger search firms.

The most in demand executives respond only to an approach from those whom they perceive to be a peer; one who truly understand their accomplishments and career objectives. Our senior leadership team has all held executive leadership roles. Partners in many large firms often manage more than 20 engagements at once delegating the critical first candidate call to a junior associate. There is nothing more frustrating for a potential candidate to be passed up the ladder from a junior associate with no executive or industry experience.

We have a broad talent pool not limited by no-touch and hands off policies inherent in larger firms. Unlike some larger firms who seek candidates from their databases, we conduct an active search for every search project investing in new research in addition to leveraging our extensive database and network to present the "best and brightest" candidates to our clients.

We make it our business to understand your business. We focus on the overall strategic development of our client company, not just on an individual placement. We deliver a consulting approach providing the highest level of personal service in the human capital industry. cSTONE & ASSOCIATES delivers hands on personalized service versus business development "consultants" of larger firms handing off the search to lower level associates.

With an open and transparent process, we ensure that both clients and candidates experience a professionally managed, successful process. Our Progress Reports and Candidate Summaries provide deep insights for our clients. We provide honest candidate evaluations and operate with the utmost integrity.

We Care. We limit the amount of concurrent searches we conduct in order to complete our clients' searches quickly, and place only the highest quality candidates. Unlike search firms where search consultants are measured and driven only by the shear dollars they generate, our success is based on repetitive engagements and customer satisfaction.

One of the major differentiators between the larger search firms and us is our flexibility. We approach every search and every client as a custom engagement. There are no two searches that are identical. Through our ability to customize each search we are able to be far more responsive and make it easier for our clients to do business with us.

Simply stated, we love what we do and it shows.