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Our relationships are everything. Beyond delivering exceptional results, our clients value and appreciate our highly personalized and consultative approach, our team of "leaders recruiting leaders," as well as our disciplined and transparent process.

Kelly Purves
VP Human Resources, BevMo!

quotesCarrie and her team are very professional and have a knack for connecting skilled candidates who are also appropriate to your business culture. For a placement to be successful long term there must be an appropriate culture match. This is where cSTONE & ASSOCIATES excels. I am extremely pleased with the company as a former candidate Carrie recruited, as well as delighted with the two director level placements she completed for us. Both people were promoted in less than one year. Carrie and her team have extensive experience. I can highly recommend them!

Sheryle Bolton
CEO, Sally Ride Science

quotesWhen I arrived in San Diego to start a new CEO position, I needed help filling out our management team. Carrie Stone's name surfaced almost immediately as a go-to person for executive recruiting. And she was! Carrie listened; asked critical questions about skills and culture, did her homework, and presented us, on two separate searches, excellent candidates--in record time. She really does "deliver leadership!" I look forward to working with Carrie and her team again.

Mike Hughes
CFO, Stila Cosmetics

quotesWe hired cSTONE & ASSOCIATES to conduct an assessment to evaluate Stila's organizational structure and team members. The comprehensive findings were a result of meeting with key team members and obtaining an understanding of Stila's mission, goals, metrics, current organizational structure, culture, customer segmentation and channels, priorities, roles and responsibilities. Carrie delivered a comprehensive assessment of team members, capacity and recommended organizational design and realignment focused on the revenue and profit objectives of the organization. cSTONE & ASSOCIATES filled three critical roles for Stila with great sensitivity to the entrepreneurial DNA required of a private equity backed business. I valued the tenacity of cSTONE & ASSOCIATES in finding the right fit for our organization as well as the professionalism of the organization.

Terry Lee
CEO & Chairman, Easton Bell Sports

quotescSTONE & ASSOCIATES is an outstanding search firm. Beyond identifying highly qualified candidates, Carrie's process includes understanding the values and cultural aspects of the organization as well as the hiring executive's style to identify candidates who will be an ideal fit for the company. We value the hands on personalized service that Carrie provides to our partner companies. Carrie acts with a sense of urgency to deliver results. We can count on timely communication and excellent leadership talent with cSTONE & ASSOCIATES.

Scott P. Dickey
CEO, Source Interlink Media

quotescSTONE & ASSOCIATES has successfully filled three key senior management positions in our organization – Chief Digital Officer, SVP Event Operations, GM/Divisional President – in each search Carrie and her team exhibited incredible diligence, speed, in-depth and thorough analysis leading to successful placements in each case. Not only was Carrie able to offer a highly qualified, impressive slate of candidates in short order, but she was able to break into several different industries and leading companies to identify top-tier talent. Most importantly, Carrie can attract the right personalities based on her strength in matching the chemistry required to successfully place executives. Her team was highly responsive and played an integral role in the recruiting process and ultimate compensation negotiation with each candidate. I highly recommend Carrie and her team for any C-suite or senior management search regardless of the industry.

Ernest Rady
Executive Chairman, American Assets Trust

quotesI had a less than favorable opinion of executive recruiters until I met Carrie. We hired cStone & Associates to recruit a CEO for a technology company investment that was somewhat of a turnaround. The research process with cStone & Associates is very thorough. They invest the time to understand the business, culture, issues and opportunities. A roster of exceptional fully vetted candidates was presented within 30 days. Carrie is highly effectively at competency based interviewing and presented candidate qualifications with honesty and integrity. She excelled at communications with the Search Committee and candidates keeping us on track and candidates engaged throughout the process. I was impressed by her 24/7 availability, thoroughness and sense of urgency in conducting the search. Without question, I highly recommend the services of cStone & Associates.

Andrew Dumke
CEO, CloudBreak Capital
Chairman, VCC Optoelectronic

quotesIn 15 years of venture experience, I have had cause to hire almost every major retained search firm for senior management talent. Carrie has all the attributes that I would consider to be a winning combination in executive search, including a keen understanding of the more subtle issues of corporate culture; wide knowledge of salaries, skills, transactions, and appropriate talent considering a company's stage; exceptional interpersonal and communication skills; tremendous credibility; and effective time and opportunity assessment skills.

Lindsey Burroughs
Vice President – General Manager,
Time Warner Telecom

quotesCarrie possesses a combination of skills, experience, and personality traits that I have rarely encountered in an executive recruiter. She has excellent interpersonal skills, extensive senior level business experience, great analytic abilities, and an outstanding network of business contacts. She is also extremely hard working, results-oriented, and totally trustworthy with confidential information-- everything I look for in an executive recruiter.

Rafael Pastor
Vistage International Board of Directors

quotesI strongly recommend that, whenever you need help in searching for an executive, you consider retaining cStone & Associates. Carrie recently successfully conducted and concluded a difficult search for a CEO position for a company where I am an investor and board member. First, she was painstakingly thorough and insightfully probing in understanding and helping the Board identify the characteristics and experiences of who we were looking for. Then, we were impressed and delighted by the strong caliber and right “fit” of the four finalists she introduced to us. If you are to fill a senior position, I’m confident Carrie will deliver--exceeding your expectations--as she did for us and has done for many others.

James Brailean, PhD
Managing Partner, Karmel Capital
Executive Chairman. Snaptracs
Chairman & CEO, BURL Concepts
Director, MicroPower Technologies
Founder & CEO, BFT Equity Partners

quotesCarrie has her finger on the pulse of the high tech start up community and I highly regard her opinion on any subject. Thank God I met Carrie Stone shortly after starting PacketVideo. Through Carrie's extensive network of contacts I was able meet the key individuals in San Diego that helped me launch my business. I consider Carrie a very valuable asset.

Scott Blanchard
Executive Director of Blended Solutions and Coaching,
The Ken Blanchard Companies

quotesI have known Carrie Stone for over ten years. Since we have known each other she has been an excellent friend and colleague, serving as an important member of our Board of Directors. As a trusted advisor, she assisted me in the creation of the leadership team of our start up organization. In particular, Carrie introduced us to our Chief Operating Officer, a very difficult position for us to fill. He is now the President of our company. I believe Carrie is so successful in recruiting because of her strong character, interpersonal skills and business acumen. Carrie has the unique combination of possessing the capacity to actively listen to both the said and the unsaid. As she gets to know people she has shown to get a very accurate read on people and accurately assess their fit with a given organization. Carrie is also a very warm and friendly person; capable of building rapport in nearly ever situation she is confronted with.

I also strongly recommend Carrie because of her strong sense of urgency and responsiveness. When Carrie makes commitments she delivers beyond your expectations, on time and under budget. Carrie Stone was invaluable in the hiring of our Chief Operating Officer.

Vicki Marion
President, The Marion Group
Past President & CEO Plantronics, Jabra & Viadux (Formerly RCNetworks)

quotesCarrie pursues the search relentlessly until the right candidate is in place. With her operating background and strong interpersonal skills, she delivers candidates that are well suited to our opportunity and needs and our team dynamic. I've worked with Carrie in various venture capital, industry and civic groups, and I was inspired by her work in founding the San Diego Social Venture Partners to put her venture/mentor capital passion to work in the community. She has consistently expanded and worked her network effectively for causes and people she believed in.

Tom Clancy
Managing Partner
Tao Ventures
Director, Wine Direct

Director, Active Network

quotesCarrie was instrumental in sourcing a valuable and strategic board member to This board member was a former Postmaster General who had exceptional insights in to the aspects of dealing the U.S. Postal Service.

Mary George
Board Member/Director Oakley, Easton-Bell Sports,
3-Day Blinds, Remedy Temp, Swell, Oreck
Senior Advisor and Consultant, Private Equity Firms

quotesI greatly value the integrity and proven trustworthiness of cSTONE & ASSOCIATES. In their consultative approach, they take the time to understand a business, the needs and cultural elements. They excel at providing valuable and honest candidate evaluations and profiles customized for the deliverables of the position as well as requisite experience. cSTONE & ASSOCIATES is extremely successful in their ability to identify and attract talent that we could not find on our own resulting in a diverse and high quality slate of candidates. The process, discipline and service are like no other search firm I have worked with. In particular, there is great transparency and frequent communications including reports with metrics that I have not seen with other firms. If you want to work with great search partners who deliver excellent value, service and timely results, I can highly recommend cSTONE & ASSOCIATES.

Ken Selzer
Venture Partner, Finistere Ventures

quotesI have known Carrie for fifteen years. I first met her when she was a Venture Partner with Enterprise Partners, which was an investor in the company where I was the Founder & CEO. She has that rare combination of being very focused and analytical while instantly making other people feel warm and relaxed. I have seen her get better, more detailed information from entrepreneurs than her other colleagues with this approach. She is very ambitious and results oriented. I cannot think of anyone, in San Diego, who is a better networker.

Hope Neiman
Chief Marketing Officer, EMN8
Past President & CEO Plantronics, Jabra & Viadux (Formerly RCNetworks)

quotesCarrie has a keen understanding of what is needed from having been on the inside of corporations as a senior executive and with her entrepreneurial endeavors as a venture capitalist.

Alex Baxter
Chief Digital Officer, RGM Group

quotesI have had the pleasure of working with Carrie and cSTONE & ASSOCIATES both as a client and a candidate. Of all the partners with whom I have worked, within and outside of executive search, Carrie has proven to be the most thorough, prepared and diligent. As a client Carrie sourced hard-to-find candidates for a critical role in a corner of the country without an abundance of relevant talent - and we now have a rock star in place. Working with Carrie as a candidate was to always know where I stood in the hiring process, to receive constant and constructive feedback, and to work with a professional who can help navigate the industry and the organization in question.

Eli Halliwell
Former CEO, Jurlique

quotesCarrie has tremendous tenacity and urgency. She and her team work tirelessly to find the needle in a haystack. She has a great balance of being aggressive and being tremendously respectful. Nearly every candidate I've interviewed has gone out of his/her way to mention how much they enjoyed interacting with Carrie and her team. The proof is in the results, and I couldn't be more pleased with my team members.

Dr. Keith Richter
CEO & Managing Partner,
Veterinary Specialty Hospital

quotesI am very pleased with the process and outcome when we used cSTONE & ASSOCIATES for our Chief Operating Officer search. We needed to go outside of our industry for a qualified individual. Carrie was able to do the legwork to find us a list of candidates primarily from the health care field. More importantly, she was able to give thoughtful input into the pros and cons of each candidate and how she felt they would fit into our organization. I was impressed how quickly she understood our needs and nuances, and was able to adapt the candidate search appropriately. When we narrowed our search to the last two candidates, she had great advice when it came to the final selection. She also provided me with very useful suggestions for an onboarding process. Two years later, we are still thrilled with the candidate Carrie found for us.

Trindl Reeves
Principal, Barney & Barney
Vice Chair, CONNECT Board of Directors

quotesI have known Carrie for over ten years including serving on a board together. Most recently, I have had the opportunity to work with her directly when she engaged with CONNECT for our CEO search. Her attention to detail and her unique process has allowed our search committee to select the best person for this important position. Carrie's organizational skills and professionalism has enabled collaboration among community leaders and our search committee. I highly recommend Carrie for any senior level executive search you may be considering.

Tyler Orion
Interim President,

quotesCarrie lead the recruitment process for the search of a CEO for CONNECT after the tragic and untimely death of the CEO in place. She recognized our need as a non-profit, to be both transparent and inclusive in our search and went far above and beyond the basics to make sure that our search was successful. She demonstrated exceptional organization and communications with an eleven-member search committee. Her leadership was instrumental in conducting a strategic and highly effective process. We are very grateful to be the recipient of her professionalism and TLC.

Shannon Kehle,
ACC, SPHR, Former Vice President of Human Resources at Maxwell Technologies

quotesI have been very pleased with the partnership and quality I have received with cSTONE & ASSOCIATES. Carrie and her team take the upfront time and diligence to deeply understand the search parameters; culture and leadership mix of the company in order to deliver highly qualified and diverse candidates. I have partnered with cSTONE & ASSOCIATES at two prior companies and each time I found the services to be extremely agile and responsive. Most impressive of all as compared to many other search firms I have worked with in my 20 year history, Carrie will not "shoe horn" a candidate into a position. I find her to be relentless in her work ethic and profoundly trustworthy. Carrie has earned my deepest respect and highest recommendation.